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Lifetime full of happiness

Happiness has a key, which is agreed upon by people from different cultures and ethnic backgrounds. So that sense of satisfaction and joy to which human soul aspires and eagerly desires. Perhaps wellness is half the way to happiness. There is nothing better than to be in a sound body full of energy and life.


Health is wealth..

Health is a crown on the head of healthy. It is the way to endeavor, happiness, success and enjoying life. The most fruitful investment is investing in health. There is no gain more valuable than long life, and there is no wealth exceeds the glory of wellness.

In each new day, specialists publish the findings of their researches and studies, which emphasize the necessity of caring for physical and psychological health, of regular exercising, healthy food and periodic medical examinations. This may seem a luxury for the first while, but it is a concern of great priority and one of the wisest behaviors.

The Heart of the Middle East

In the Heart of Saudi Arabia

Allah “Almighty God” endowed the Kingdom with a strategic location at the crossroads of trade routes of Asia, Africa and Europe, and with the honor of embracing the Two Holy Mosques, making it one of the most important centers of transportation, transit, trade exchange and human convergence in the world.

Strong and active economy of the Kingdom contributes in its composition of the largest consumer market in the Middle East and North Africa, a demographic region of high population density estimated at 400 million people.

On a wider scale, the Kingdom is a commercial launching platform for more than 2 billion consumers who are available only three hours away by plane, this credit due to the enjoying stable political and economic climate of the Kingdom.

The Heart of Riyadh

Riyadh is central and geographical hub because of its strategic location within the Arabian Peninsula. It is the link that connects between the east, west, north and south of the Arabian Peninsula, as well as being the link point between the two largest continents.

MEDICAL VILLAGE.. Location Vitality

The MEDICAL VILLAGE is located in one of the most prestigious neighborhoods in Riyadh, and on the main road axes, it is easily and quickly accessible from all centers and districts of Riyadh city. It is near to the Diplomatic Quarter where calmness and integrated services.


The MEDICAL VILLAGE poses itself an advanced model for the manufacture of integrated environment and high standard attained in the Kingdom, and regional destination offering the highest form of service and care in the region, soon to be more familiar and alternative to those who seek the ideal environment in the Arab world.

It’s a promising project to localize technology and innovations, work and learn the art of shopping, with real investment feasibility.

Trust is the most important aspect to aspirations of human, and it is the first step towards the treatment and healing, precise diagnosis from a medical team with a high degree of knowledge and professionalism along with effective treatment plans that are aspirations of human and relieve to their suffering.

The MEDICAL VILLAGE features seven specialized hospitals to ensure high quality of hospitalization. The HOSPITALS represent a pioneering model in the medical sector within the Kingdom through qualified medical staff and high technology conforms to the international standards. The HOSPITALS, also, features beautiful environment surroundings that contribute to the promotion of health.

To ensure rapid medical action in cases of emergency, a helipad for advanced air ambulance has been provided, as well as dedicated paths for ambulances and emergency Vehicles inside the MEDICAL VILLAGE.

All HOSPITALS have been linked together with an enclosed bridge to enhance the performance of the coordination procedures among the HOSPITALS.

The MEDICAL VILLAGE is keen on offering an integration of services to include companies and organizations to work in an ideal working environment.

The ADMINISTRATION TOWER is part of the essential facilities of the MEDICAL VILLAGE, as an appropriate area carefully tailored for the leading international and regional companies which seek a location reflects their values and excellence, as well as being an added values to their staff and visitors.

The MEDICAL VILLAGE is keen offering housing solutions suitable for all segments of society, so the RESIDENCIAL TOWERS come as a complete housing package to serve all the users of the MEDICAL VILLAGE.

The family housing towers features with many services, such as private health club for the residents, as well as services for cleaning, laundry and nursery for children. The towers also equipped with latest communication technologies, beside benefiting from beautiful environmental surroundings.

Two separate towers were allocated for single men and women. A health club was provided in each tower as well as hotel services. Each tower is distinguished by high privacy in the entrances and services.

Guests the HOTEL welcomes including Riyadh and the MEDICAL VILLAGE visitors who seek comfort and calmness in a natural and healthy green environment with unique views.
The HOTEL SUITES offers upscale hospitality services to its guests and their companions as such services satisfy their needs throughout their stay.

The Permanent Residence Tower also provides luxury and comfortable residential solutions, as its facilities are flexibly designed to suit various modern lifestyles.

Being with your family provides comfort and tranquility, and living in near proximity to the workplace stimulates industriousness and achievement; therefore, we have provided to you all in one complex that meets all requirements of modern life.
Restaurants and cafes have become the places where we spend most of our time for entertainment and socializing. Therefore, THE WALK provides the most appropriate atmosphere and the most beautiful views of such places along with promoting them as a lifestyle.

Life glittering reflected on handsome appearance. Fashion is a modern expression of one’s character, and is a reflection of a lifestyle through proper and consistent appearance. Specialized fashion represent an integral part of the character and lifestyle.

As integrated high-level destination, part of  THE WALK has been allocated to offer services needed by the visitors and users of all categories, in order to serve and enhance the concept of integrated destination.

From the purl sound of the flowing water and the fresh air petting the green leaves in nature, the users of the Village derive power and re-connect with their own selves overwhelmed with a tranquility befitting intuition of human beings. The heart of the village is an environment that stimulates exercising sports at times and mediation and relaxation at another time.

For walking great benefits. It strengthens bones, builds muscles, helps regulate weight, increases the ability of the lungs to breathe and reduces the likelihood of heart diseases. Moreover, it even benefits the physiological health since the endurance which one acquires from practicing walking contributes to the strengthening of his/her immunity and desire to achieve more. Therefore, the walkway, with a length of one thousand and six hundred meters, is an integral part.

For the place to become more beautiful, there had to be water and greenery, both have profound effect in attracting energy. There are many water lakes in the CENTRAL PARK along with green landscapes of inviting appearance that calls you to rest there for a while where its birds welcome you and its gentle breeze tickles you.

To stimulate healthy interaction with nature, the CENTRAL PARK contains many interactive activities for visitors and residents across the healing gardens, hot water, interactive troughs and others.

The MEDICAL VILLAGE is designed according to the highest architectural standards and service requirements so as to meet the needs of all sectors in the Village.

The parking lots are one of the most important elements to attract the visitors and easing to the users, more than 7500 parking lots are provided all of them are covered and designed according to highest standards considering flow of fresh air.